Mike Weller Is A Superior Agent!

For someone looking to sell their property, Mike Weller is a superior agent to have on your side. But for the first time seller, in my opinion Mike Weller is the ONLY agent to have. After twenty years of ownership, I looked to sell a home that had passed down to me from family. After speaking with several potential agents, Mike was the clear choice for me. First – he spoke to me about my options outside of selling my home to insure that I was making an informed decision that was truly in my best interest long term. He was then extremely thorough in his explanation of what the process would look like and what my responsibilities in that process would be. He toured my home, which admittedly was beat up since I had rented it out for the better part of ten years, then giving me a dollar amount as to what my home could reasonably be valued in its current condition. Mike then produced sales information from the neighborhood to support his valuation and offered a list of repairs and improvements with estimated costs and a projected valuation of the property once the work was completed. He also pointed out potential repair issues that could be avoided, as they would not significantly increase the value of the home. As I accepted his recommendations on all matters and elected to proceed, he then provided contact information with individuals whom he had worked with previously and could vouch for the quality and fair pricing of their work. Since I was not local during the process, he took special attention in seeing to the completion of the work and in fact, as the process traveled its normal path, Mike would assist in contacting individuals and scheduling work on my behalf. Mike also suggested that I exercise some patience at one point during the process to give a neighboring property time to complete its sale at a strong price-point, thus allowing for the best possible appraisal for my property. The simple point is that Mike truly worked hard for me, making me feel like I was not only in the best care possible, but as though I had a true partner in the process. Mike was well informed about the market, the selling points of the local community, and absolutely navigated the process in such a way that the end result was increased revenue for me. He communicated every step of the way and I could not be more pleased to have had Mike represent me in this process. Truthfully, I look forward to my next real estate transaction so that I may have the opportunity to work with Mike Weller again – someone I would recommend to everyone looking to buy or sell property. Thanks Mike!!!!


— Steve Niemela