5 Steps Probate Success Program

5 Step Probate Success Program

5-Step “From Clean-Out to Close”

Plan for Probate & Trust Properties


STEP 1: The Initial Complimentary Consultation.

We meet with you in person or on the phone, to discuss the process and answer all of your questions.


STEP 2: The Property Evaluation & Inventory.

We view the property to determine what is the best course of action both in regards to personal property clean-out as well as improvements to prep the property for sale.


STEP 3. The Property Clean-Out and Personal Item Liquidation.

This involves coordinating the liquidation of personal property in the form of a sale, donation, clean-out, etc.

STEP 4: Preparing the Property for Sale.
Once personal property has been dealt with, we can work on putting the right touches on the property, cost-effectively, to get the estate the maximum dollar return.

STEP 5: Selling the Property.

Once the Property has been prepared, we put our full listing & marketing plans in to place to get the highest possible price!

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